The Captain Always Goes Down With the Ship

Captain Borman held a small photo in his hands.  Rhythmic red pulses glinted off the protective surface as the warning lights flared.  It was a young woman holding a young boy.  Borman sighed, remembering when he took the picture after the baseball game.  His throat clinched tight with the memory of this day, and brushed […]

Beyond the Blockbusters

Let me preface this by stating I grew up watching old reruns of Star Trek, and upon seeing Star Wars, was immediately blown away.  Comic book hero movies are also fun and entertaining.  Last night, I watched Captain America on TV because I love the movie.  I could have taken out the Blu-ray and watched […]

Meetings and Rocket Launches

“T-Minus Twenty Minutes…” Slide 21:  The Strategic IT Direction With Focus on Quality Customer Service I tried to look interested.  Trying to remember the body language rules.  Lean forward.  Sit upright.  Make eye contact.  It’s hard when you have been in a meeting for an hour and a half.  My eyes may be open, but […]