A Call to Civility

I love Star Wars, and I also love the new Disney versions. Space battles, light sabers (an elegant weapon for a more civilized age, obviously), aliens, etc… What more could an impressionable child ask for. I watched them in the theaters way back in the day, and many times of the subsequent years. I thoroughly […]

Love Live Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My love of science fiction and fantasy is rooted deep. Star Wars and Star Trek really cemented my love, and have branched forward and backward to enjoy modern tales of space travel and classics that were heavy into ray guns and Martians. I’ll take a robot or a spaceship over anything else, anytime. Reading is […]

Embrace Your Inner Mr. Spock

Reputations can be fickle.  Years of time and effort spent building one, can be easily undone through poor decisions and actions.  An outburst or negative emotions at the wrong time,  can undermine.  Do not sabotage yourself. Time spent cultivating relationships, building connections, or improving through education and skill-sets are worthwhile endeavors, critical even.  Investing in […]

The Captain Always Goes Down With the Ship

Captain Borman held a small photo in his hands.  Rhythmic red pulses glinted off the protective surface as the warning lights flared.  It was a young woman holding a young boy.  Borman sighed, remembering when he took the picture after the baseball game.  His throat clinched tight with the memory of this day, and brushed […]

Beyond the Blockbusters

Let me preface this by stating I grew up watching old reruns of Star Trek, and upon seeing Star Wars, was immediately blown away.  Comic book hero movies are also fun and entertaining.  Last night, I watched Captain America on TV because I love the movie.  I could have taken out the Blu-ray and watched […]